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Granz Soleslinger

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Granz Soleslinger
(Player Character)
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Class Craftsman
Died Fell to his death while attempting an aerial mount
Appearances Game D

Granz Soleslinger was born into a family of modest cobblers, as his surname implies. He practiced his father's trade and married his childhood sweetheart when he was able to make his own living. After the birth of his firstborn he moved his family to a small farming town in northern Gotha and settled a homestead a day or so outside of the community. As the civil wars that ravaged Gotha swept around their home, Granz began to think they would remain untouched. When returning from a routine trip to the nearby town he found his home burned and his family butchered, the responsible Clanless still at hand. He pleaded for them to leave his family's bodies to his care but of course he was mocked and beaten before being left for dead with his throat cut. More than a day passed and Granz came to his senses, somehow still alive. He bandaged his wound, buried his family and took his meager possessions, namely his cobblering tools, and departed.

Granz spent years as a vagabond, drinking away his money faster than he earned it and rarely staying in once place more than once. When he found himself applying for a bodyguard position in Whiterush for a professor from the prestigious magic college, he was introduced to his partner in the venture, a stocky human warrior called Crassius. Although Granz wasn't half the fighter he claimed to be, when he learned his primary duties would be to guard the professor's family he sobered up, feeling compelled to protect them.