6 months on Ce'Ara

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6 months on Ce'Ara
Date 1447
Previous Event Tigard's Wake
Next Event Unexpected Emissaries to Ce'Ara
Campaign D

After restarting the Storm and gaining full recognition as the true Heir of the Storm, Quinn set about rebuilding the island and making preparations to have it's people be more aware and active in the world. In light of the Invasion of Gilport, this involved him leaving for several months to build diplomatic and trade relations with the rest of Asdol.

Tasmia, meanwhile, began formal training of students in her own school, under the increasingly lax eyes of Greybeard.

Alegna often withdrew to the beach or left to other locations on her own, still dealing with The Death of Magnius Tigard and the Judgment of the Four. Ildri left, having her own quests to return to.

After several months had passed, the venerable Greybeard quietly drank himself to sleep one night, and never woke. A funeral was held a few days before Quinn returned, necessitating a secondary funeral.

Shortly afterward, tensions with the Areinian garrison resulted in the murder of one of the soldiers while a patrol was out hunting. Investigations soon pointed that it was a Ce'Aran, but it was unclear who, till one of the local trackers burst in, drunk, and confessed. While both Quinn and Tasmia found the event and confession somehow strange, Quinn had little choice but to pass sentence and consign the man to the Storm.

Things on Ce'Ara returned to normal, as the people waited for the time given in the Testaments of the Filer for Quinn to enter the Temple of the Storms. However, a few days before that, a strange ship arrived in the harbor, having somehow bypassed the storm while carrying some Unexpected Emissaries to Ce'Ara.

Tigard's Wake Year 1447
Game D
Unexpected Emissaries to Ce'Ara