A Farewell to Ce'Ara

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A Farewell to Ce'Ara
Date 1447
Previous Event Opening the Tome
Next Event The Lord of Lies
Campaign D

After moving back to the city after Opening the Tome, the group returns to the airship, set on a bluff near the city. The Dwarves find a tavern in the ship where they, Magnius and Thane found the local brew somewhat weak, but Bran and Magnius had some whiskey to share. Much drinking and 'discussion' of Tasmia ensued, as well as talk of Tark and other fallen comrades.

Quinn and the others find them and Tasmia losses an arm wrestle to Veint, everyone decides to return to Ce'Ara to survey the damage. Bran went to found his mount & search for the elven emissary. Magnius went to the Areinians, found Ariana, and gave orders that he would have some Dwarves come to build a proper fort for them.

Magnius and Ariana took a walk. When Ariana asked about Alegna, Magnius confessed that the child was his, prompting Ariana to abandon him and return to her brother at the camp, telling Thane she wished to return home and wondered aloud if she should have just pursued a relationship with Tark. Forced to tell her the bad news, Ariana fled crying into the forest until Thane caught up and persuaded her to return to the ship and give herself some time to think.

The pair found Quinn also returning, having his banner hung before taking the helm to test out the ship's abilities some more, intending to moor it closer to the city.

Meanwhile Magnius returned to the city, joining Veint in the Mug and Mattress. After the dwarf failed to persuade one of the waitresses to entertain the table, Magnius salvaged the situation by persuading her to return for some drinks and by buying a round for the house while he regaled them of his escape from the jaws (and belly) of a savage reptile. Alegna momentarily walked into the bar, but quickly left. Magnius followed, but was soon sent back. Alegna took to the sky, using a Fireball to signal the airship before she landed to look for quarters.

Landing on a bluff, most of the party turned in for sleep. In the morning, Quinn and some of the Dwarves discovered that the ship's larders would restock themselves of anything removed, and that the interior seemed to have added some dozen rooms over night. After looking at the bar, Quinn also discovered it had the name Sojourner's Well, implying the ship itself was the Sojourner.

In town, Magnius and Veint meet Tasmia, having finished a casket of rum, who takes the pair to see the grave of Greybeard. Magnius calls out Karok for questioning, but learns nothing, before opening the coffin to leave his Red Kukri within. Returning to the city, the docks are much repaired, as Almina used her magics to repair most of the buildings and structures.

Quinn and Alegna arrived at the docks, using their powers to raise and repair both the Deathwake as well as the airship rented by Bran, though they could not repair the magics that once kept it aloft, and both ships remained filled with water, debris and corpses. Among these bodies was Chief Ubro Arrow-Rider, but the sinking of the ship had shorn off his wig and prosthetics, revealing him to be a dark-skinned human, with a mark of the Blades.

While Quinn met with the remaining diplomats and make ready to leave via the Sojourner, Magnius convinces Alegna to take him to Shatterhull Island in response to a summons. There he is promoted from Shield Captain to Battle Commander and given authority over all dealings with Asdol for Arein, and is also given a magical fortress as fitting his rank. His first action is to free the remaining gnome slaves held on the island.

After the remaining emissaries on Ce'Ara were gathered, the Sojourner was taken to the central city where some 200 Ce'Arans were loaded on – causing the internal spaces to visibly grow larger, causing some concern. It seemed to grow as more people came onto the deck.

Quinn and Magnius had a talk, as the former revealed he knew the latter was planning on building a school on Ce'Ara. Somewhat shocked, Magnius explained he only wished to hire some Dwarves from Dae Boa Darren to build it for the good of Ce'Ara. Quinn agreed, provided teachers from many places would staff the school.

Most of the Ce'Arans are taken to the Temple of the Storms, to further study the place, before the ship takes off. Notably, the space inside does seem to shrink, but at a much slower rate than it grew.

As the Sojourner lifted up over the Storm, a general meeting was held about where to proceed first in Asdol. After it was decided to head to Weelan, Bran brought up the issue of the group's lack of a leader and that it was awash in infighting, calling out Tasmia striking Magnius in particular. Nominating himself as a leader, most of the others agreed, save for Quinn, who deferred the decision to the others.

Short after, before the vessel can get under way, a familiar pair show up as emissaries from The Lord of Lies.

Opening the Tome Year 1447
Game D
The Lord of Lies