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Region Asdol
Size Large City
Population 15,000
Demographics 97% aquatic elves, 3% other
Government Theocracy
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Akquar is an underwater city in Asdol inhabited by aquatic elves. The city is surrounded by a toxic sargassum forest. It was once ruled over by the ancient kraken Shargakakept until the city was freed by the party.


The true history of the city is largely lost, and it is unknown how long it and it's 'sister' city of Lúthniel were used as proxies of there Kraken rulers.

Before being freed, the city was led by a cadre of nobles who, in turn, followed a man named Kilaul. Kilaul was the kraken's political puppet and the two communicated telepathically using the Circlet of Elurium. The rest of the citizens of Akquar were treated as slaves and forced to work in the adamantine mines underneath the city.


In late Kaeshanah of 1447, the party enter the city during the middle of some sort of uprising against Kilaul and the rest of the nobles. The people appeared to be followers of B'lemascree and were in awe of Alegna after seeing the brand on her chest. Shargakakept fled and the party gave chase, killing the kraken in a passageway in the mines. Afterwards, Kilaul was killed and the people offered up the circlet, declaring their choice of Alegna as their new leader.

Alegna later returned to Akquar in Na of 1448 finally taking up the leadership position that was given to her. She soon set to work ordering the construction of a small school where she would begin teaching the natives of the outside world and the basics of how they could self-govern themselves. A formal temple to B'lemascree was also constructed where Alegna and the people of Akquar could practice their faith properly.

Eventually, Alegna and some of her best students, including Ra, who had helped the party during the Battle of Akquar, began infiltrating another nearby aquatic city named Lúthniel. Lúthniel was also ruled by a powerful kraken and, before the party had arrived, Akquar and Lúthniel had been forced to war against each other for generations under the duress of their kraken overlords. The goal of the infiltration was to spur a rebellion which rose to full tilt at the same time Alegna and an army from Akquar entered the city with the intention of killing the kraken. The battle was won quickly and the two cities declared the day a sacred holiday.

An alliance was quickly formed and similar construction and education projects were begun in Akquar's neighbor. Just over a year later, Alegna sent representatives from both cities to Syric in order to create a trade agreement with Arein and the rest of the new Southern Gothic State. In exchange for providing adamantine to the state, they asked for teachers to come and instruct the elves in the ways of the world. An arrangement was agreed upon quickly and esteemed scholars from around the region were brought to the two underwater cities. Alegna assisted in the creation of buildings with "airy water" where the scholars and students could both survive comfortably in the schools.

Pleased with this arrangement, Alegna chose two leaders, one for each city, to rule in her absence as she returned to her homeland. Ra, her best student, was granted leadership over the people of Akquar and Alegna remained in contact with her through the Circlet in the event that the new leader needed advice or assistance.

Several years passed by and the aquatic elves learned very quickly and new, much smaller trade agreements were set up with the Southern Gothic State without needing aid from Alegna. Many believe that it was the blessing of the water goddess, B'lemascree, that allowed the communities to prosper and grow as they did and their reverence for their deity grew as quickly as their knowledge. In Kaeshanah of 1465, Alegna returned to Akquar and declined Ra's request to resume leadership. Alegna displayed her satisfaction with the progress the city had made while she was gone and said that no other leadership, even her own, could match the performance already brought about by Ra's own leadership. Alegna was content to take up a different role as head of the temple of B'lemascree.