Aldrius Tigard

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Aldrius Tigard
Aldrius Tigard
(Player Character)
Player Brad
Titles The Last Seal
Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Half-Elf
Gender Male
Class Cloistered Cleric
Deity B'lemascree
Appearances Game D

Early Childhood

Aldrius is the son of Alegna Baelitae and Magnius Tigard. He was born in the month of Kaeshanah in 1447 aboard the Sojourner, above the waters of Akquar. During his earliest years, he was considered a prince in Akquar and revered as a holy symbol. He was kept alive underwater by Alegna's magic until they left for his mother's homeland when he was three years of age.

Upon arriving in Sythrilinara, he meets Aldrius Baelitae, the man he is named after, for the first time. He is adored by his new father, despite the lack of a blood connection. Many happy years are had in his new home. He is doted upon by friends and relatives and he lives a very carefree life. He enjoys taking care of his younger brother, Sellion Baelitae who is born when Aldrius is 5 years of age.

During Aldrius's eleventh birthday celebration (Kaeshanah of 1458), Sythrilinara is attacked by an army of devils. Before the young boy can make sense of the situation, his mother grabs him and they teleport to a remote area in the wilderness just as Aldrius witnesses his father and younger brother brutally torn to pieces by their assailants. His mother undergoes severe emotional trauma following their escape and Aldrius bears witness to her full breadth of grief from sadness to anger as he struggles to come to terms with the situation himself. Before long, his mother tells him that he is the last seal and explains to him how important his life is.

Alegna's Tutelage

Shortly after the events in Sythrilinara, Alegna begins training Aldrius in the art of magic. She also begins analyzing the magic of the seal itself that is a part of Aldrius's soul. The training Alegna bestows upon Aldrius is extremely difficult and itensely brutal. Being stuck in the wilderness with nowhere else to go and no means of "escape", he is forced to endure the cruelty of his mother's teaching.

One example of his mother's ruthless methods took place when they stayed in a cave near a lake somewhere in Southern Tanulla. While there, Alegna would take Aldrius down to the lake every day and she would hold him underwater until his lungs filled with water causing him to pass out. After pumping the water from his lungs and returning him to consciousness, she'd explain to him that "If you can't breathe underwater, you're not praying hard enough." and leave him to his thoughts and prayers for the remainder of the day. This scenario transpired every day for the next month until they moved on to a new location. While there, he did not learn to breathe water.

An example that came up frequently, especially when staying near a town or city, is her "hand to hand combat training". During these sessions, she would take Aldrius into the slummiest areas of town and offer a ludicrous reward (10 gold pieces, for example) to any man who could best her son. Being a weak, scared looking half-elven boy, the scum and villains fought over the chance to challenge Aldrius which generally led to him being beaten to the brink of death until Alegna stepped in, stopped the fighting, and healed his wounds only to send him back into the brawl. Aldrius quickly lost count of how much money his mother lost to these types of men.

While his mother's training was terrible to bear, he looks back now and sees that it was not all bad. When Aldrius exceeded his mother's expectations, she was very rewarding treating him to a warm bed, fine dining, and hot baths. This actually happened more often than not, but the severity of his punishments when she was dissatisfied with his progress tended to overshadow his rewards for success, at least in his own mind.


One other event stands out in Aldrius's background involved a half-elven woman named Anethia. Aldrius is unaware of the true nature of this woman's role in his life. Anethia is a high end prostitute (costing Alegna several thousand gold pieces over the course of her employment) who was hired by Alegna to inflict a handful of psychological effects upon Aldrius that she thought would be essential to his role as the last seal. Anethia was instructed to perform two simple tasks. Her first was to make Aldrius fall deeply in love with her and the second was for her to teach him to be an amazing lover. Using her impressive skillset, Aldrius quickly succumbed to her ploys and fell madly in love with her. She also succeeded in teaching him how to please a woman like few other men could. Months passed and he only grew to love her more all while his mother occupied herself doing other things leaving Aldrius to believe that she did not know of his "secret" relationship with Anethia. Eventually, Alegna gave her final instructions to Anethia and rewarded her handsomely for a job well done. Anethia, following Alegna's directions, vanished without a trace leaving a heartbroken Aldrius alone with no idea of what had happened to her. He didn't dare speak with his mother about his situation. He was wracked with grief in his isolation while terrified to show even a hint of his anguish to Alegna that she might exploit in order to cause him further suffering.

Alegna's intentions when using Anethia were to accomplish three goals, all of which were to insure that he was as effective as possible at creating descendants to replenish the number of seals in the world. The first goal was to give Aldrius a strong sense of social confidence so that he would be very good at seducing women. The second was to insure that he would be able to satisfy these women better than most men they'd had before, insuring that they would stick around for quite a while, raising their chances of being impregnated. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, she wanted his heartbreak to instill in him a profound aversion to commitment to a single woman. This was done so that his descendants would be born to different mothers, in different regions of the world, and raised in a variety of backgrounds. This meant that they would be far more likely to remain separated from one another keeping a single event from wiping out all the seals in one shot as well as making them generally harder to track down by would-be fiendish assassins. Alegna is, as of yet, unaware at just how successful she was in manipulating her son's emotions.

Journey to Arein

On Aldrius's eighteenth birthday, Alegna decided that he was old enough to hear the full story of her adventures, including the true circumstances of his birth. Aldrius was furious with his mother that she had lied to his adoptive father and more furious that he had died without ever hearing the truth. After the two were unable to come to terms regarding the issue, Aldrius decided he was leaving. He stole a handful of things from his mother, including an item that allowed him to teleport over a distance, securing his departure after writing a scathing letter to his mother.

The first place he went after he had attained freedom was to Arein where he intended to meet his true father, Magnius Tigard. It took quite a bit of effort to arrange the meeting with his father after harsh skepticism from everyone he attempted to negotiate with. Eventually, he met with Magnius but the reunion was brief. Aldrius was told that he had a brother, Xentius Tigard, who was born of a different mother. In the short time he was able to spend with his father, he gained great respect for him and decided to take his father's last name as his own. He was sent to meet his brother who was in the employ of The Red Hand in Baanythil.

Xentius Tigard and The Red Hand

Aldrius was more interested in spending time with and getting to know his brother than in the politics and warfare of the Southern Gothic Alliance and never officially joined The Red Hand despite various offers of employment by the church. He, instead, chose to stay by his brother's side aiding and defending him as best he could. As time wore on, he was relieved that he did not join the church as he disagreed with their methods more every day. Despite his skepticism of the church, Aldrius continued to stay by his brother's side. It was his belief that the church did more good than harm and accepted their shortcomings silently.

As more time passed, Aldrius formed his own personal philosophy that he held to rigidly although he dared not describe his motives to his brother who had very different ideals. He believed that both sides of the Gothic Wars were "right". From his perspective, both the Gothic alliance and the Delphic alliance thought that they were fighting on the side of good and choosing a side did not discredit the other side's right to fight for what they believed in. To Aldrius, both sides had their fair share of evil intentions. He decided that, while fighting alongside his brother, he would do the best he could to save as many people as possible regardless of their allegiances. Some of the choices he made were difficult and he often felt as if he did not have enough information to make the best possible decision but, once he made a decision, he saw it through to the end.

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