Ana Calico

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Ana Calico
Ana "Scarlet Scourge" Calico
Titles Captain
Aliases Scarlet Scourge
Race/Species Human
Gender Female

Ana Calico was raised at sea by her father, the nefarious pirate Captain Clegg Calico "The Black Bane" Calico. Her mother was lost at sea, shortly after Ana's birth. Ruthless since day one, Ana became an invaluable member to her father's crew. Eventually becoming his second in command. They and their motley crew plundered without mercy. Their ship, the Pestilent Aggressor, became one of the most feared ships on the seas. Until one day, their captain fell in battle. Ana stepped into her father's role at the tender age of 17. She did it without mercy, further increasing the ship's reputation. She earned the name "Scarlet Scourge" partly because of her choice of fashion, but more for the tales of her leaving the seas red with blood. One night at sea, Ana woke to a vision of her father. She could tell his tone was desperate. His message was mainly unclear, but she did make out a few things. Trust in the Heir, redeem yourself and the name Calico. The next morning, the crew of the Aggressor were victims of a well-placed ambush by the Nalbek Fleet. The crew was taken into the custody and the Pestilent Aggressor sank. The Calico Crew was brought to Dae Boa Darren for sentencing. Quinlan Vertis, was just finishing up a very successful diplomatic mission on Dae Boa Darren. Quinn happened to be observing the workings of their justice system, when the trial of Calico began. Quinn saw her pleas for forgiveness as sincere and asked for a favor from his new friend __________ the _____ of Dae Boa Darren. Ana and what remained of her crew were miraculously given a second chance. After the crew served out a small sentence with Dae Boa Darren, Quinn was entrusted to oversee the Calico Crew's restitution to society. When Ana realized that her savior was the Heir that her father spoke of, she swore an oath of service to Quinn. She has recently arrived at Ce'Ara with her crew.

Captain of the Death Wake


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