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The Annihilator
The Annihilator
Class Airship

After discovering ancient blueprints in Stoneforge Hall, The Annihilator was developed and constructed by Arein, Gotha, and D'ulgorn Nassydia. The Annihilator is a massive, black airship powered by coal and complex clockwork mechanisms and is capable of transporting large armies. It is also strongly fortified and heavily laden with cannons. The Annihilator is considerably less nimble than the magically powered Sojourner and is not even capable of hovering in place.

Its first appearance was above the waters of Akquar after the city had been freed. It was meeting up with Magnius's forces to aid in his current assignments. The ship carried several more troops to reinforce the armies following Magnius, Bran, and Thane, and was captained by Battle Commander Andvari Hreidmar.