Asdol's Shield

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During these 20 years following the disappearance of Mor'a'roc, the Nalbek Fleet has under gone a series of sunderings. When the flagship's crew vanished without a trace, Gil Tannlin retrieved the Damned Soul of the South back to Dae Boa Darren and word spread that Mor'a'roc and his lieutenants were gone, thus sparking a power grab for the strength of the Nalbek Fleet. Having risen to the rank of capt at that point, Gil entered into this struggle as well. Many ships split off, but Gil managed to hold onto a sizable portion of which he refined into the first Asdol navy called Asdol's Shield. He made it his mission to keep his home island chain safe and sails to any and every trouble from within and without ranging from pirates to demons. Membership is open to any Asdolite willing to serve and he splits the spoils of war with all the peoples of the islands. In addition, if the fiend (whoever they might be) survives the assault and is captured, they are taken to which ever island govt. is closest to be brought to Justice. Gil commands from his flagship Judgement.