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Region Gotha Region
Size Large City
Demographics 76% human, 12% elf, 12% other
Government Republic
Alignment Lawful Neutral

The western-most city state in the Gotha Region.


Once of the major city states of Ruidhrein and a historical rival of Arein. During the Gothic Wars it formed a rival Western Alliance apposed to both Delpha and the Southern Gothic Alliance. In 1456 a major Delphic force laid siege to the city, and the southern alliance refuses to send aid until 1457 when Baanythil officially joins the Southern Alliance.

The Siege of Baanythil marked the furthest push of Delphic forces during the Gothic Wars, and the ending of the rival Western Alliance in 1458 was a vital political turning point for ultimate defeat of Delpha in the 3rd Gothic War.