Bran Stoneforge

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Bran Stoneforge
Titles The Indomnidable Mountain, Unmoving
The Sheltering Hand
The Tinkerer
Alignment Lawful Good
Worshipers Dwarves, law officers, warriors, artificers, smiths
Cleric Alignments
Domains Protection, Law, Good, Artifice
Favored Weapon Katana, Wakazashi
Bran Stoneforge
Bran Stoneforge
Player Gopher
Titles King of Dun'Grimard
Voice of Clan Stoneforge of D'ulgorn Nassydia
Chief of the Lion Tribe of the Mizmir Plains
Heir to the Hoso Michi Style
Homeland D'ulgorn Nassydia
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Class Hoso Michi Swordmaster
Appearances Game A, Game C, Game D, Game F, Game G

Son of Luzo Stoneforge and uncle of Veint Stoneforge, from D'ulgorn Nassydia.

Along with Veint Stoneforge and Elijah el'Alameid, he was the first to discover the crisis the world was about to fall into during the plight of the seals as they escaped from a burning D'ulgorn Nassydia.


After making their way through the Underdark, they discovered the remains of the fallen prince of D'ulgorn Nassydia and came across a village of Myconids. There, they met one of the 17 warriors, Sneven the golden one, and befriended a mushroom man by the name of Googlabush. When they arrived at Bermullion they discovered the chaos had not spared this gnomish city, the city had been split into two power factions, the queen's supporters and the believers of the senate. After discovering more information about the business of the invading demons and their allies, such as Smoke, the colossal red dragon, another of the seals had been suppressed. The stay in Bermullion brought about many strange occurrences (Black Dragon fight, meeting Erthos, Tolas dying) in addition to Bran's own death and resurrection. Rising out of the Underdark on an earthen platform, the group headed towards their next destination, Gurdis Hall since the North Wood had already fallen to Smoke's flames.

Fast forward 22 years later, Bran is King of Dun'Grimard, a Dwarven city he founded, married to Gwenda Stoneforge (formerly of the Ironfist Clan), father of twin children, a boy named Luso and a girl named Aisi (meaning treasure of forge), both 2 years of age.


For a time wielded the evil sword God Blight, resisting the sword's efforts to control him, before finally shattering the fell blade.

Currently wields Hantai Taicho and Shizen Hogosha.

Owner of two very important books, Blast Gravel: Uses and Storage Strategies and the Translation of the Draconic Prophecies.

Notable Followers


Rides the Suna Nal Owl, Kaloof. At one time, Bran also possessed a dire bat, Greth Du'Noss, who died of a demonic disease.


  • Lord Bran Stoneforge
  • Voice of Clan Stoneforge of D'ulgorn Nassydia
  • Chief of the Lion Tribe of the Mizmir Plains
  • Heir to the Hoso Michi Style
  • King of Dun'Grimard