Calwin Joldor

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Calwin was the captain of a pinnacle in the service of Game C's party sometime in late 1446 or early 1447. The ship was hired by Mor'a'roc for the party after he asked the party to find his lost sons, Jesageroma and Ky-Doth. After the ship set sail, the group was set upon by pirates and Calwin, terrified, fled below deck while the party fended them off. After the battle, Magnius Tigard attempted to mutiny against the cowardly captain but he was stopped by the rest of the party. Magnius was jailed below deck for the remained of the voyage and Calwin informed the party that he would be terminating his service to them as soon as they could reach a port. Upon arriving in Blue Port, Calwin left the party stranded in the small Dwarven town where no other ships were seen in the port.