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A city north east of White Rush, along the Sun Road, and south of the Duntair Woods

Duntair was once home to several well-to-do dairy families who had claims to the land. When diamonds were discovered in the creek that bordered the Duntair's and the Gringly's land a feud broke out. Soon, pie stealing and horse tarring became murder.

The city sent several Saco Michi knights to investigate and when they learned of the diamonds they made sure everyone in the know was found guilty. Before the gallows were cleared, the wicked knights were buying up what land they could of Duntair and bullying those who wouldn't sell.

Many beautiful manors were built through the forest and soon poor merchants began squating on the outside of the forest in hope of gaining noble patronage. This shanty town was purchased by the owners and filled with cheap, poorly paid miners and servants. Walls were raised and expensive brothels and lodges built for the nobles while the poor were little more than endentured servants.

This all changed when the Hoso Michi regained control of the city. Those guilty of crimes worthy of death were allowed to disembowel themselves.

Soon the manors were purchased up by the White Rush gentry and the town was open to the common folk.

The current Knight Protector of Duntair is Lord Yarth Cleos.