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Size Depopulated
Population 0
Demographics (formerly) drow 75%, slaves 25%
Government Theocracy
Alignment Chaotic Evil

A large Drow city state under Gotha.

Fall of D'ulgorn Nassydia

In 1445, the Drow and Illithid allies sacked D'ulgorn Nassydia, overwhelming the city and sending refugies feeling into the Underdark.

However, several years latter in 1447 with the momentary death of the last Seal a rift opened with the city to Mor Massa and the attackers were routed by the strange things that claimed the ruins for themselves.

The Underdark War

Starting in 1460, forces from Dun'Grimard began a campaign to march to reclaim the city, pushing back the Drow forces, still suffering from the things released in D'ulgorn Nassydia.

Sometime in 1462 a captive Tasmia was brought to the city.

In 1465 Erkkrynkrall itself fell at the conclusion of the Underdark War, and it's caverns collapse to prevent it being rebuilt.