God Blight

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God Blight
God Blight
(Magic Item)
Aura Overwhelming evocation
Caster Level 21+
Type Weapon
Slot Weapon
Origin Ul'gorn
Affiliation Landis

Uranus (more commonly known as "God Blight" was a magic blade both intelligent and vile created during the last war with a special hatred of goodly aligned spell-casters.

Carried by Bran after being found in an abandoned temple of Ul'gorn in the Underdark, the sword continually attempted to twist his mind without success. Instead, Bran wielded it in the name of good and the just. This bastard sword was sundered by Bran on Calfira's island after he learned of its place in the prophecies, to be wielded by a demon lord heading the invasion of Fasillico, and nearly losing it to agents of evil. Fate did not seem to be finished with this evil blade however because later it was found to be reborn in the form of a great sword and in the care of Landis.