Into the Temple of the Storms

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Into the Temple of the Storms
Date 1447
Previous Event Unexpected Emissaries to Ce'Ara
Next Event Still Two Steps Behind
Campaign D

After meeting with the Emissaries from Asdol, the Ce'Arans and there new allies made ready to enter the Temple of the Storms, assembling an impressive group of warriors to land on the mysterious island that housed the temple. Ascending to the entrance, a series of statues of The Four guarded the main gates, as did some 40 skeletal warriors, packed into a tight formation.

Alegna proceeded to immolate the bulk of them.

As the human skeletons fell, a number of larger skeletal beasts clamored over the courtyard walls, but only the pair of calcified ettins proved any challenge for such a large group of seasoned fighters and mystics.

Quinn opened the main doors, a pair of giant hands, revealing a chamber heavily damaged from flooding, and dominated by a large black crystal, flanked with a number of smaller such crystals on platforms. While searching the area, a spectral beast attacked, sapping the spirits of several and forcing Veint to flee before it was cut down.

As the monster dissipated, it uttered, in Ancient Ce'Aran, the words 'Release' and its essence seemed to flow into the large crystal. Almina and others attempted to discern the nature of the crystals, but they seemed to elude any understanding. Continuing on, a doorway manifested a mouth, asking if Quinn wished to restart the Forge.

Stating he did, a great sound began in the depths of the temple.

The next chamber contained a large statue of Saargus in an auditorium, in which the seats were filled with statues, each carved with the Mark of the Storm. The last completed statue was of Quinn himself, seated next to a rough and unfinished carving. With four exits, Quinn elected to try the one marked as Chaos Keep, as the statue of Saargus seemed to point that way.

Before they could exit, another pair of the spectral creatures appeared and attacked, doing little physical damage, but still assaulting the spirits of the party, until Almina banished the creatures. Dissipating, they uttered the same word as the first.

The corridor split, each path ending shortly in a wall of light. While the others pondered, Tasmia tried to look through the wall, only to be pulled fully in. Most of the others followed, but Alegna, Maga and Tark waited behind, and a pair of minotaurs appeared and attacked. Tark was quickly overwhelmed, even as one of the creatures left to go after the rest of the group, and Alegna was forced to flee. Maga, using his eldritch powers, was able to keep out of reach for the creature whilst still attacking, for now...

The rest of the group, in what seemed to be a small section of mine track, with a wall of light on either end, paused to wait for the others, but soon Magnius attempted to go back, moments before Alegna rushed in, warning of the creatures, but not having passed Magnius. The group waited in defense for a moment.

In yet another room, Magnius was assaulted by one of the minotaurs, but retreated back through the wall of light after taking a javelin sized arrow wound. The remaining party soon entered that room, engaging the minotaur, which Almina realized was a vampire. She and Quinn devastated the monster, reducing it to a gaseous form, which Almina pursued. Bran and Veint elected to try and find Magnius while the others followed the priestess.

The groups soon reunited, having failed to follow the vaporous vampire.

Coming to a large chamber with a bridge spanning into the darkness, a series of lights flared on, as a familiar voice greeted them, even though they were "Still Two Steps Behind".

Unexpected Emissaries to Ce'Ara Year 1447
Game D
Still Two Steps Behind