Jelaro Maddic

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Jelaro Maddic
Jelaro Maddic
(Player Character)
Race Halfling
Gender Male
Class Sorcerer
Appearances Game D

Halfling sorcerer with the blue dragon heritage, like his father, Jesageroma. He is the son of Jesa and mistress Skalara, he is 18 yrs old and has brownish red hair and yellow/gold dragon eyes from his heritage.


Jesa was brought back from the dead in 1449 by Nistu, as it was not his true time yet. He fathered a son with Mistress Skalara soon after, but was only home sporadically, so the child was largely raised by his mother until he turned 10.

At this time, Jesa sent him to live with Gil, to be trained in worldly matters. During this time Jelaro came to learn about Borkus, Nistu and the rest of the Council of the Sea, as well as the state of the world and its troubles. When his abilities began to manifest as a sorcerer, he began to alternate between life with his father, on his airship, and with Gil.

At 18, he decided to set out for adventure and glory on his own, like his father, before the end of the world. He booked passage on a trade ship headed towards Syric and after arriving soon lost his remaining money on a night of drinking and bad gambling decisions. As the Syric riots were taking place he stowed away aboard The Roach to seek his adventure elsewhere.

Jelaro worships the Council of the Sea.

He carries an Inphevr given to him by Admiral Gil engraved with the words, "Onward to Victory."