Khaj Sytwan

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Khaj Sytwan
Titles Shadow of Quicksilver
God of Wanders
God of Change
Worshipers Travelers, thieves, lycanthropoes
Khaj Sytwan
Khaj Sytwan
Player Daniel Waters
Race Ocean Wilder Elf
Gender Male
Class Wildborn/Wildborn Elite
Appearances Game C, Game E


Khaj is a long time burglar with a disdain for too much structure. He typically covers his eyes with a wide linen headband, although this does not seem to impede his senses. Khaj is a natural fisherman and hails from the sea himself. He rarely divulges personal information to anyone but his more trusted friends; of these there are few. One of his few obvious delights is the Erhu, a beautiful stringed bow instrument that belonged to his late wife. He is not, however, generally an admirer of the arts.


Khaj Sytwan (meaning "torn spirit" in his native aquatic tongue) was born as a natural lycanthrope to his parents in their ocean dwelling tribe. As he grew he became fascinated with the people from the surface worlds and, though counciled against it, struck out on his own at less than 80 years. He was accustomed to the sea and so spent his first decade with the fishing folk, already an expert both on and in the water. In this period he fell in love with a human woman named Yulana who he married and whom birthed him a boy. Within hours of delivery, the small village heard news of Khaj's child: a monstrous thing with features neither human, nor elven. The village people were convinced there was witchcraft or demon worship involved, and as the men's thoughts became increasingly violent, Khaj spirited his wife and infant from their home before his superstitious neighbors could act. He hid his family in an abandoned skiff and led their pursuers into the waves where he was quickly able to escape. A fierce storm was in full gallop, and upon returning only hours later he found the boat now washed to sea with no sign of his wife or child. Khaj searched frantically - and found no trace, and continuing to search, he was at last exhausted of any remaining hope for their survival.

Years passed and with them, Khaj's innocent curiosity of the surface world. Having learned that he was frequently considered no better than a monster or leper for his heritage, he found that taking what he wanted when he could was gradually becoming an easier means of survival. Although disillusioned of the charms of the surface dwellers, Khaj rarely felt aggression towards them and generally avoided situations where violence might prevail.

At the age of 105, Khaj was caught stealing from a rich Dae Boa Darren merchant who had him flogged and imprisoned. There he met his first fast friend in decades - an aging gnome who called himself Ghorin Ebonshoes. Ghorin recognized Khaj as a potentially useful accomplice and took it upon himself to teach him what he could of thievery and self preservation, including bits of the esteemed Hoso Michi technique. It was behind iron bars that Khaj began to apply something of real discipline to himself but when it became apparent that he was meant to die in a cell, the two criminals planned a successful escape that had them clear of the city and well on their way to planning grander and richer scenarios.

Khaj and his cellmate/friend Ghorin partnered successfully in a number of daring jobs and could have continued for years until Ghorin's health began to fail. Having no one besides each other, Khaj faithfully took honest work in the city of Syric, only resorting to petty theft in a few cases to support his ailing comrade. Through these times there were a few occasions where Ghorin was able to once again plan and pull some legwork for some bigger schemes, perhaps in rare good health or just pure gnomishness.

Eventually, Ghorin did meet his end, although it was of natural causes. He was 194 years of age and had spend over 20 years in detestable prison conditions. Once again on his own and now sharper and more experienced than ever, Khaj was beginning to understand the ways of the guilds and politics in the city of Syric, as well as it's underbelly. He now possessed the ability to go where he wanted and do what he pleased but he lacked a purpose with which to direct his talents. Accustomed to taking direction from his vastly more experienced friend Ghorin, he quickly fell in with a group of ex-militia and magistrate who ran a mercenary guild which was little more than a band of ruffians and strong-arms. There he decided that his goal was not to harm the working man but to instead take from the rich, who likely didn't deserve it. Naturally a low profile sort of individual, it took years to gain notice from any of the more auspicious organizations in Syric, but his habit of dropping silver pieces into the families of poor folk began to create more of a stir than he anticipated or desired.

Khaj now operates primarily as a specialist in infiltration and subversion, not directly affiliated with any one organization. However, he is a longtime friend and liaison of Drace Arem and his counterpart Tirin Mossflower, and enjoys regular drinks on the house at the The Rusty Dagger.


  • Helped slay the evil dragon Smoke
  • Willfully followed Lady Nahl'na and aided her in founding a small kingdom within the Gotha region
  • Met Edith who bore him a daughter, Kadith
  • Joined in the battle for White Rush
  • Was seduced by a quadret of succubi who succeeded in charming him, to no immediate purpose

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