Long Fated Arrival

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Long Fated Arrival
Date 1447
Previous Event The Battle of Gilport
Next Event Secrets of the Keepers
Campaign C

After the end of the Battle of Gilport, Greybeard instructed the group to follow him east, to a small sand-island just off the coast.

Ordering them to start digging, they soon uncovered a strange item, a Journey Stone. Telling them the magic only worked one day out of the year, at dawn he had them touch the stone and they found themselves at another such stone - but in the midst of a jungle.

Greybeard announced they were now in Ce'ara.

The party soon found a large stone slab in front of a large cavern, where they were soon attacked by the Jabadak. After a short battle, Ildri immolated the beast. Searching the area, they found a small stash which included a letter, from The Queen to her last living child.

The dragon dealt with, the group entered the Tomb of the Builders to learn the Secrets of the Keepers...

The Battle of Gilport Year 1447
Game C
Secrets of the Keepers