Magnius Tigard

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Magnius Tigard
Titles God of Humanity
Worshipers Soldiers, humans, blacksmiths
Magnius Tigard
Magnius Tigard
Player Kyle
Titles High Defender
Homeland Arein
Race Human
Gender Male
Class Legendary Leader
Appearances Game C, Game E

Emissary to Asdol

Notable Followers

Crowning Moments of Glory

  • Holding off an oncoming horde of zombies while standing over the bodies of his unconscious allies.
  • Cutting his way out of the T-Rex.
  • He didn't just survive the Succubus, he made her come back for seconds.
  • Forging a masterwork blade while making a possessing demon his bitch.
  • Ramming the Kraken with Deathwake.
  • Being sprung from jail by an army.
  • Claimed victory for Arein in Gilport by deafeating Captain Swift.

Noble Act of Sacrifice

  • Stepping into a Fireball to save a loyal soldier, and earning his glorious demise.


Magnius's shield

"To die gloriously in battle for Arein."