Opening the Tome

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Opening the Tome
Date 1447
Previous Event Still Two Steps Behind
Next Event A Farewell to Ce'Ara
Campaign D

Following the conflict with Bargair, Thane, Tasmia, Alegna, Hoskald and Almina re-enter the Temple of the Storms to seek the body of Tark, but find that it is gone, with a trail of blood leading into Chaos Keep, which they agree to enter. Rather than leading back into the corridors passed earlier, the wall of light this time lead into what seemed to be a throne room overlooking the field where the group had just fought the elementals.

It was also filled with treasure.

Outside, Quinn and the others returned to Ce'Ara, but not before Quinn was confronted by an irritated representative of Saargus about leaving the temple without having spoken with Saargus. Quinn swore he would return by the day's end, but that he had to see that his people were safe first. The creature agreed.

At the city, the harbor was smashed, with ships sinking and buildings burning. The Deathwake and the recently arrived airship were both wrecked, and the docks and harbor buildings were in ruins. The surviving wounded reported that the Storm had turned on them. Bran and Veint went to check on their own people, as did Thane and Magnius, while Quinn sought out the fate of the other delegates.

Fortunately the damage had been focused on the docks, so the bulk of the city was spared. Still, at least 50 lives were claimed. While Areinian troops and the surviving dignitaries helped with the damage, Quinn sped to the central city. Finding no further damage, he left word for men to come South to help with the disaster.

On his way back, Almina contacted Quinn about the treasure found in the temple, which included a strange map-stone and a staff engraved from Borkus to his wife and son. Quinn ordered the group to wait for his return, as there was little more he could personally do to help recovery efforts. The rest of the party also agreed, and they were soon able to regroup at the site.

While Veint literally started to swim in the coins, Magnius donned a large suit of mechanical armor over physical objections from Tasmia. Quinn and Alegna surveyed the room, specifically the staff and Navigational Stone, until Magnius discovered the armor could fire a bolt of red-hot metal - nearly putting one into Thane.

Told to get out, he refused, certain he could figure it all out. Tasmia tossed him across the room; he fired a bolt at her and missed. After a tense stand off, Magnius acquiesced to leave the armor, for now. Finding nothing else of note in this area, the group, prying Veint from the treasure, returned to the fountain where they fought Bargair and Quinn used the chalice to commune with Saargus.

These are the questions that were asked of Saargus and the corresponding responses:

  1. Am is speaking to Saargus? Yes.
  2. Do you support the battle at White Rush? From every angle.
  3. Does Magnius have an ulterior motive? Yes.
  4. Are you the child that was spoken of? No.
  5. Is Bargair's mark valid? Yes.
  6. Should we follow the coordinates on the stone? You will use the stone.
  7. Should we take the stone with us? To leave, you will need it.
  8. Is the suit of armor meant for Ce'Arans to wear? The suit was for metal riveting.
  9. Does the staff have a purpose in restoring the temple? None, but the stone, do I claim.
  10. Do we need to revisit the forge? To keep it, you need workers.
  11. Do I have the power to restore the crystals to their intended condition? Yes. Open the tome. Spread the knowledge.
  12. Are Karok and Bargair's mark related? No.
  13. Is the tome in the temple? The knowledge is in your ancestors' crystals.

Passing out, Quinn awoke in a strange place, with a pair of men meeting with him. Zazcaza and Draug were discussing a plan to evacuate some hundred people from an army of fiends, but required his permission to construct an eye-like device to create a new place, but it would require a soul to be sacrificed, something that B'lema would not approve of...

Then he woke back in the Temple, explaining his vision to the others...

At length the group moved on, finding the Forge. Inside, a number of automata were found working on various items, the nature of which could not be determined. Deeper in, a ship was found which seemed to be floating a bit. On deck, Quinn found a setting that fit the Navigational Stone, causing the ship to rise and the roof to open. The 'hold' of the ship was explored, and found to be far larger than the ship should be able to contain.

Further exploration failed to find the vampire or Tark. However, it was discovered that the various black crystals were the library spoken of - touching them would cause a voice to speak; each acting as a book of sorts with various forms of information held in them.

Eventually the group returned to the airship and used it to load up the treasure and return to Ce'Ara. Magnius tried to impress upon Quinn that he would certainly be able to study the armor enough to recreate it but Quinn, unsure of its full nature, was hesitant to agree, driving the Shield Captain to withdraw to the ship while the others loaded the treasures. Quinn did elect to bring the armor, but such did little to assuage Magnius.

The ship was steered back to Ce'Ara, so the group could make ready to bid A Farewell to Ce'Ara.

Still Two Steps Behind Year 1447
Game D
A Farewell to Ce'Ara