Quinlan Vertis

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Quinlan Vertis
Titles The Joyous Wind Praising
God of Winds
Domains Air
Quinlan Vertis
Quinlan Vertis
Player Jamey
Titles Heir of the Storm
Aliases Quinn
Homeland Ce'Ara
Race Human
Gender Male
Class Storm Priest
Deity Saargus
Appearances Game C, Game E

Quinn was born on the island of Island of Ce'Ara. There he was raised an only child by his mother. All he knew of his father was that he was lost at sea. Without his father's guidance, Quinn formed a strong bond with his grandfather who was the current Heir of the Storm. Quinn had a happy childhood, but his teen years weren't as smooth. His grandfather left the island. Heirs were known to unexpectedly leave for periods of time, but Quinn was lost without him. Quinn was troubled and needed something more. Quinn became agitated with normal Ce'Aran life.

His late teen years were spent leaving his village and exploring the forbidden areas of the island. He wasn't sure what the questions were but he was compelled to seek the answers. While tracking down some dinner, the ground caved in beneath Quinn. When he came to, he saw he was surrounded by darkness. He wandered the cave until he began following what he thought was daylight. It was not the sun, it was a femur bone. Quinn searched for other bones, but the femur was all that was there. He could feel a power and a deep connection to the bone. It was during this time of self-imposed exile that Quinn learned the bone belonged to a god named Saargus. Saargus needed to be put back together, so Quinn left his home. The storm would have claimed most anyone passing through it. But with the blessings of his newfound god, he survived. Quinn arrived at Dae Boa Darren. There he met Magnius, Alegna, and Tarin.

Father of X'rill Lodaz, Hartbauch Vertis, and Rubia Vertis Husband to Scarlet Calico Brother of Tasmia