Redig Boldenbrew

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Redig Boldenbrew
(Player Character)
Titles Honest Saleman
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Class Alchemist/Merchant
Appearances Game D

Born to a mid rank family of bourbon brewers, Redig was afforded an education at the magics college in D'ulgorn Nassydia. His sharp wit was obvious at an early age and his father and mother placed great hopes on his education allowing him to better their clan's social position. With the pressures he faced on a daily basis, Redig lasted only a few years of serious study and became a delinquent, sneaking off campus for any entertainment he could find. When his antics became apparent to his family the new restrictions he faced became unbearable. He stole his father's finest garments (and some might say a few of his mother's), pawned the family jewels and bought passage on a mercenary vessel leaving port.

Several years of dicing and bluffing way through life led Redig to rely more and more on the magical talents he learned of briefly during his time at the magic school of D'ulgorn Nassydia. He gradually developed his use of enchantments as naturally as his gifts of speaking and drifted into a lifestyle of petty crime. It wasn't long before he began to feel superior to the sort of ruffians he regularly consorted with and lusted for more. Finding his way to the White Rush region he yearned for access to the city, now strictly governed by House Novac. He settled in a small town outside of the city walls where he plied his alchemical skills to cooking dosalas and selling primarily to Skedarla, only aware that ones known as "Lord Jester" and his outlaws were his clients.


After more than 2 years of dos cooking, Redig has only been inside the city walls a handful of times and then only with visitation visas. When he meets with X'rill during a routine dosalis exchange, he is introduced to the rest of the party who he learns has plans to enter the city as well. Hearing the story these people tell, Redig decides he has good odds of getting legitimate citizenship within the city walls if he attaches himself to this group. His arrogant demeanor leads to some sore interactions with several people in the circle but he is intent on becoming a person of great importance within Whiterush and spares little thought for others.