Roshadathane Durandaalsun

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Roshadathane Durandaalsun
Titles The Uncorruptable Paragon
The Sword of Justice
Alignment Lawful Good
Worshipers Paladins
Cleric Alignments
Roshadathane Durandaalsun
Roshadathane Durandaalsun
Player Jon Simpson
Titles Crown Prince of Ordinal
Aliases Thane
Homeland Ordinal
Race Human
Gender Male
Class Paladin
Deity Valinor
Appearances Game C, Game E


Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Ordinal


To free the sword Valinor's Will of its ancestral curse.


Third-born to the King of Ordinal, Thane found himself with almost no claim to the crown. Instead of following in his brothers' footsteps and enter the military, he found better company in the service of the Church of Valinor. Here he trained not only in the arts of healing, but those of war as well. Not long after his second brother, Mathiasander Durandaalsun, became Keeper of the Citadel, Baelvorulux the Black Drake of Vyraxis captured a caravan bound for the city. Mathias battled the beast for days, holding out in the ruins of Rae Mikial, now partially submerged in an acidic cesspool created by the Drake's blighted presence. It was the vitriolic terrain that claimed victory on the last day, for even though Mathias succeeded in restoring some of the lost power of Valinor's Will by righteously slaying his draconic opponent, his journey home through the still-enchanted landscape would cost him his life. Luckily, a loyal soldier retrieved the holy sword from his sire and bore it home to Castle Ordinal.

Thane's elder brother, Rae'Kieden, had spent most of his life grooming to be king. This did entail martial training, but he was not the warrior Mathias was. Thane was content to stay in the church, as he was preparing for the Rite of Adornment and his place as High Cleric of Valinor, so Kieden took up Valinor's Will as both Keeper and King-to-be. A year passes, with no major conflict with the Drakes, then trouble. A group of travelers, and likely adventurers, wandered into Platina Torum, a major trade city high in Bitterfrost Pass that was now occupied by Charmatriagas, the White Drake of Vyraxis. The dragon's horde of worg rider goblins was waiting for Kieden's approach. When the travelers did not return to Ordinal, Kieden led an ill-fated crusade to rescue them and slay the dragon.