Scrag attack at Palm Grotto

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Scrag attack at Palm Grotto
Date 1447
Previous Event The Queen's Trial
Next Event Taskar's Plague
Campaign C

After leaving The Queen's Island, the Taskar's Drift soon found itself at the small island of Palm Grotto, east of Dae Boa Darren - and nearly on the far side of Asdol from where the party had landed on the strange island.

Making use of the town's inns, the travelers slept, only to be awakened in the night as a young boy ran through, begging for someone to help save his parents from monsters, as the city guard weren't doing anything. Following the boy to his farmstead, the place was on fire and a trio of aquatic trolls were feeding on the remains of livestock as well as people.

The beasts were quickly felled, but it was far to late to save anyone else.

Magnius convinced the boy to join him, as there was nothing left for him here.

The Queen's Trial Year 1447
Game C
Taskar's Plague