Still Two Steps Behind

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Still Two Steps Behind
Date 1447
Previous Event Into the Temple of the Storms
Next Event Opening the Tome
Campaign D

After entering Into the Temple of the Storms, the party found itself facing a trio of Callowin, Leila and Bargair, the latter of which was just donning the Hands of Borkus, admonishing Quinn to stay back if he cared for the people of Ce'Ara. Further, Bargair seemed to bear the Mark of the Storm.

Tasmia brashly advanced, directly into a Wall of Force which bared the bridge.

While the others made preparations to circumvent the barrier, Veint fell under the sway of Bargair's will and engaged Tasmia on the bridge. Recognizing the dwarf's condition, Tasmia was forced to hold back while pinned against the wall and Veint's spiked chain.

Alegna teleported most of the others to the central island to engage the vampires.

Leila slipped into hiding, while Thane moved to engage Callowin whilst Magnius attempted to rally whatever humanity remained in his one-time follower. Quinn called down a rain of holy energy while Almina attempted to Consecrate the altar at the center of the island, but only managed to undo the magic placed by Bargair, which still weakened the undead somewhat.

Moments later, an Illithid appeared behind Bargair, speaking in a tongue only Thane was able to understand about troops moving at dawn's light. Bargair vanished with the creature, but only after telling Quinn that Ce'Ara would suffer for the interference of the group.

Quinn, channeling the will of Saargus, destroyed Leila and Callowin, but Veint remained under the domination of Bargair. Tasmia had slipped under the bridge, under the distraction of an illusion cast around the dwarf. Almina failed to undo the curse, but Alegna was able to break it.

Healing from the battle, the party moved onwards to a small chamber. While searching Quinn returned to the fountain on the island, drinking from the cup in it...

Soon the party surfaced elsewhere on the grounds of the temple, finding a set of statues of The Four, but with two smashed, and were soon assaulted by a Fire Elemental. As the others joined battle, Tasmia was caught separate from the group by an Earth Elemental.

Both creatures proved able to deal a great deal of harm while shrugging off the strongest blows the group could deal out. Bran and Veint were badly scorched and Tasmia was nearly pulped in her fight. At length, Alegna was able to gain control over the Fire Elemental, freeing everyone to focus on the Earth Elemental and lay it low.

Quinn repaired the damaged statues and the group used magic to return to the entrance of the temple, meeting back up with the remaining members left back earlier and learning that Tark had fallen.

Tasmia, Alegna, Almina, Thane and Hoskald elected to go back to retrieve his body, as Alegna could teleport them back to the main island. Quinn and the others would make there way back via the boats, in case Bargairs words about Ce'Ara being in danger proved to be more than a bluff...

Into the Temple of the Storms Year 1447
Game D
Opening the Tome