Taskar's Plague

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Taskar's Plague
Date 1447
Previous Event Scrag attack at Palm Grotto
Next Event Inheritance of Death
Campaign C

After dealing with the trolls at Palm Grotto, Taskar's Drift was preparing to make sail to continue to Dae Boa Darren when one of the crew attacked Tasmia, vomiting a black bile as she subdued him.

After notifying Captain Murzamarz, a local temple was called and more than half the crew were found to be afflicted with the illness and had to be taken to the temple for treatment. Captain Murzamarz saw no reason to delay the passage, so had the ship readied to sale.

The shortage of man power caused Tasmia to announce that some of the passengers would have to help out in order to get the ship to port.

Magnius delegated such things to Hoskald, who in turn delegated them to the child just picked up in Palm Grotto, leading to a clash between the Master at Arms of the ship and the Areinian commander which quickly escalated to blows and then blades until Captain Murzamarz put a stop to the issue.

The ship continued on towards Dae Boa Darren, but not without further incident...

Scrag attack at Palm Grotto Year 1447
Game C
Inheritance of Death