Tasmia Vætildr

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Tasmia Vætildr
Tasmia Vætildr
Titles The Queen of Uncloaked Steel
The Liberator
Lady of War
Realm Hollow Bastion
Alignment Chaotic Good
Portfolio Liberty
Martial Arts
Worshipers Militia, guards, martial artists, mercenaries, good-aligned rebels, military engineers
Cleric Alignments
Domains Community, Glory, Liberation, War
Subdomains Family, Heroism, Tactics
Favored Weapon Scimitar
Symbol Three blades defending a circle
Tasmia Vætildr
Tasmia Vætildr
Player Chris Blankenship
Titles The Sword of Ce'Ara
Tribunal Seat of Syric
Homeland Ce'Ara
Race Human
Gender Female
Class Martial Adept
Appearances Game C, Game E

Stuff for Tasmia. She is a hard ass.


At roughly the age of 7, Tasmia was sold as a slave to the Dae Boa Darren Colosseum. Clearly hailing from an exotic people and being heavily tattooed when put up, she was slated to be put to work doing menial work until she was old enough to be put to work serving as a reward for successful gladiators.

However, not long after her tenure began, the dark-skinned child managed to attract the favor of a number of the older Dwarven trainers and masons employed by the arena, including the venerable Greybeard. At length, the Dwarves decided that they weren't pleased with the idea of the girl's fate, reasoning it would only be fair to give her a fighting chance.

Her training was primarily seen to by Greybeard, since training a standard slave was not permitted, but as he eldest and most respected (and feared) dwarf in the arena, he didn't need to worry with nonsense such as being secret about it.

At around 12, Tasmia was sent to her first would be suitor, after which guards were required to extract him from the cell for healing. Ordinarily she would have been killed as an example for others, only the, seemingly, offhanded mention by Greybeard about his 'granddaughter' complicated the issue of punishment.

In order to honor Dwarven tradition, a public fight was arranged between Tasmia and her ill-fated, but now recovered, suitor, intended as little more than a public execution and exhibition match. The betting was nearly all one-sided, as most took the bet placed by Greybeard as little more than a token of respect.

A very few Dwarves made quite a lot of coin on that match.

Adding to the chagrin of the arena operators, the domination by a small seeming human female set the crowd on fire, meaning that, for the moment, Tasmia was to popular to kill, a trend that continued for almost 8 years. Several attempts were made over the years to fix matches, but all were found out by Greybeard, who always managed to make arrangements to even the odds.

He still took the public odds on bets however.

While most of the staff and fighters in the arena just learned to accept things as they were, a couple became determined to destroy Tasmia, ultimately arranging a series of fights designed specifically to pit her in one-on-one death matches against friends and would-be lovers.

Death had always been a part of life as a fighter, but after that bout Tasmia walked out of the arena for the last time, having earned her own contract years back. She quickly found a job working as the master of arms on the Taskar's Drift, where she served on board for just over one year before it's disappearance and the presumed death of Captain Murzamarz.


After leaving Dae Boa Darren, Tasmia learned the identity of he family when she met Quinn. With the liberation of their homeland, she was revealed to be the legendary Sword of Ce'Ara.

After the liberation of Ce'Ara, continued tensions within the group led to a nasty incident over a newborn black dragon in which Tasmia cut down a Syric guard and leaving the group with her own students. Originally planning on mounting up and riding north to White Rush, beveling it would be faster without the internal conflicts and distractions aboard the Sojourner, regional conflicts continually held the group up.

What started as irritating, but simple, bureaucratic matters rising from marching a small military force across several independent territories grew more and more problematic as the fall out from the rise of Delpha spread, to the point that the northern city states refused to let the group pass on the grounds that they were an independent, and thus dangerous, mercenary force.

The group, having grown along the way north, was, by that point, a mercenary army in all but name - so in 1450 Tasmia dubbed it the Band of Blades, mostly to thumb her nose at the trouble she was having simply leaving the region.

Then the First Gothic War broke out, hitting the north hard following deadly blood rain, meaning that the Band now had no option but to fight. So the Band spent much of the war as a true mercenary force for the first time, moving between the norther cities and staying just ahead of the Delphic onslaught till the arrival of allies from the south in 1453.

After the indecisive war died down, Tasmia set her burgeoning band to building - planing out a road network specifically to quickly move troops around the Delphic lines in order to counter their next move. However, that next move came a short few years latter, and the ensuing push destroyed what little had been built.

Increasingly frustrated with how quickly things were spiraling out of control, in 1460, Tasmia marched her band out of the west and back to Syric, blasting the city leaders for bungling of their defenses and flatly declaring that she and the Band would handle protecting the city from Delphia. While the Syric leaders object, the Syric military leaders are hesitant to start a fight in the city, given that they were still weakened from the Second Gothic War.

When Syric complained to the Southern Alliance, however, something happened that nobody in the city expected - Magnius and Arein nominate Tasmia to be new Tribunal Seat of Syric, a motion quickly supported by Selynthia. Neither Tasmia nor Syric had much time to react to the promotion before the Third Gothic War began.

Pinned down in Syric for much of the first year, Tasmia responded by expanding the Band via hiring more forces from the far south - Kolthaxians. This quickly provided a pirate navy for the city as well as reinforcements for Selynthia. With the arrival of Ordinal supporting Arein, the worst of the Delphic assault was broken.

However, Delphia had some tricks left to play. Attempting to reverse the situation, Tasmia sailed north to attempt to blockade the enemy city, taking the fight to them for once. What was waiting was a flotilla of the Bloody Krews, as well as some huge sea beast, mutated beyond recognition, but deadly enough to down ships with ease.


Tribunal Seat of Syric
Tasmia at age 38

Despite many attempts to locate her, including a number of daring raids by Areinian forces under Magnius Tigard deep into Delphic territory, attempts to locate Tasmia proved futile beyond a lack of direct evidence of her death.

Even divination seemed ineffective, though this fact alone was strong enough proof for many that her spirit had not moved to some other plane.

The fact, which would be obscured for many years to come, was that Delphic forces had arranged for the ambush at sea and taken her captive. Held at Delpha itself for a while, she was moved frequently to other locations to throw off would be rescuers, possibly to entice her allies to make a rash move and be exposed to a counterattack.

When that failed to transpire, Tasmia was ultimately turned over to the Drow cities beneath the region, part of some form of defensive pact between the powers. The dark elves and Illithid belived they could use her in some way to counter the Stoneguard forces eating away at their territory.

For five years, Tasmia was held as a slave and experiment by besieged masters of the Underdark. However, whatever use they had in mind for her never came to pass. Though what horrors had been done left her greatly changed, her captors were never able to make any (known) use of it.

When the last bastion of their once mighty empire fell to the Stoneguard and their allies, Tasmia was found alive and very, very angry. The last hold outs of the dark elves and mind flayers fell with disturbing speed and violence once she was loosed. This was not a shocking fact, at least to those who knew Tasmia.

What was shocking was the discovery of a number of half-drown children, born from slaves for some unknown plot - including a pair born to her, renamed as Reinhard Vætildr and Uschi Vætildr.


Dawn of Burning Blades
They choose... poorly

After her rescue in 1465, Tasmia threw herself back into the position of Tribunal Seat, literally and violently. When she went missing, the Clan managed to elect one of their own, Landis, to the Seat.

On her return, Tasmia gave the Clan, and her successor, an ultimatum - send as many men as they dared to face her or else face the Red Hand Inquisitors that came. Landis and his men vanished at the challenge, but some of the other guilds did attempt to attack Tasmia - which proved to be a mistake, as the Red Hand simply walked in to the under-manned guild houses they had been planning on inspecting regardless. Those smart enough to not attack had at least bought themselves a little time to "clean house".

With several guilds greatly weakened, and the others on the ropes, Tasmia enacted a series of laws deputizing the bulk of the guards, mercenaries and thugs working for the Clan, forcing an uneasy truce while at the same time making it clear that she could and would destroy the guilds if provoked again.

However, Landis and the Blades were not ready to give up so easily, sending assassins after both Tasmia and her children. Her response will be remembered in the city as the Dawn of Burning Blades. What members managed to survive the massacre were ruled as cultists by the Red Hand, effectively ending the guild within Syric and weakening it across Gotha. Landis and the core of the Syric guildhouse managed to escape, however.

The remaining Clan Guilds have been most cooperative, adopting an internal policy of waiting till Tasmia dies of old age to start work on restoring the Clan.

White Rush





Her Final Battle
Tasmia at age 93

In 1521, shortly after the passing of Magnius, Tasmia, the last of the human members of the Guardians, realized her time was short and announced a great martial tournament, with her four weapons being awarded to the top four contestants, as judged by herself, Bran Stoneforge and Veint Stoneforge.

Notably, Khaj secretly joined the competition, choosing to come 3rd to claim 'Bargars Bane', the silver maul.

As the climax of the games, Tasmia and Veint faced off in the arena. After a few minutes of sparing, Tasmia sliced the dwarf on his chin, just above his beard, making clear her intent for the battle.

Understanding, with a single motion, Veint caught Tasmia in the back, forcing her into a fair-well embrace as she passed on, her last words of thanks and a request to look after her children.

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