Tigard's Wake

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Tigard's Wake
Date 1447
Previous Event Death of Magnius Tigard
Next Event 6 months on Ce'Ara
Campaign C

Shortly after the Death of Magnius Tigard, the group spotted a number of native Ce'Arans following the trail up to the Tomb of the Builders. Drawing near, Quinn recognized Karok, the man who had banished him and his sister and left his grandfather to die in prison while setting himself up as the Heir of the Storms.

Confronting the false heir directly and demanding he stand before the Keepers to prove the true Heir, Karok tried to order his followers to defend him and when they refused he fled, attempting to leap off a cliff rather than be taken.

Unfortunately for him, he suffered only breaking his legs as Tasmia and Ildri descended and hauled him back up for the Keepers to decry his mark as a fake.

The group with him quickly spread word of the return of the true Heir to the people of Ce'ara.

As the party rested, Tasmia returned to the Journey Stone, to test if it's magic would still enable transit, finding herself returned to the island near Gilport, but without the ability to return. She shortly found a cavern with a group of refuges from the city, including the merchants Gloriok Whitebeard and Thorifa Whitebeard along with a mercenary guard.

After staying the night with them, enthralled by the idea of a new island, the artificer was able to deduce how to, temporarily, reactivate the Journey Stone and return them to Ce'Ara.

The long search for the island at an end, the party spent 6 months on Ce'Ara.

Death of Magnius Tigard Year 1447
Game C
6 months on Ce'Ara