Tirin Mossflower

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Tirin Mossflower
Tirin Mossflower
(Player Character)
Player Brad
Titles Leader of The Society of the Shrouded Hand
Homeland Sythrilinara
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Elf
Gender Female
Class Shadow Thief
Appearances Game C

Tirin is the sister of Alegna Baelitae and a high class, professional thief, although she prefers the term "valuable item acquisition expert". Along with her lover, Drace Arem, she is the leader of The Society of the Shrouded Hand.


Tirin was raised in the elven kingdoms of the mainland. She left her country shortly before reaching the age of 100, when her people traditionally marry into another family via an arranged marriage. Because she left the way she did, she is no longer welcome in her homeland. This never bothered her and she hasn't looked back since.

While she was happy to be away from the rigidity of being home, Tirin didn't really have a clear plan with what she actually wanted to do with her life. She had a difficult time fitting in with other cultures and often found herself in trouble. She began her life as a thief within a month after leaving home. She was caught a few times and some of the punishments were quite severe. Eventually, however, she joined with a group (name undecided, as of yet) with "similar interests". There, she was able to work as part of a team for larger jobs than she ever could have on her own. Combined with the fact that she was now learning from experienced colleagues, she quickly began mastering the arts of stealth, combat, and seduction.

After a few years of this, she became emotionally involved with a fellow guild member by the name of Drace Arem, a human, and they began doing jobs together as partners. Their skills complimented each other perfectly and they quickly rose to the top. Before long, there was some turmoil caused by various disagreements between the leaders and the guild started becoming divided with the rank and file taking sides with certain leaders. Tirin and Drace saw this as an opportunity to change things for the long run. They gathered a few of their most trusted allies within the guild and called a secret meeting. The next day, all of the leaders who had been quarreling were found dead and Tirin and Drace "felt obligated" to rise to a new leadership position in order to reunite the guild as it once was. Being as they were some of the most (if not THE most) popular members, the fighting was quickly and peacefully quelled and the guild began to prosper like it never had before. Upon assuming their new roles as leaders, they renamed the guild to The Society of the Shrouded Hand.

Over the years, the guild has grown by leaps and bounds. No job is too big. As long as there's profit to be made, there's always the right person for any job. The only jobs the guild has repeatedly turned down are pure assassination jobs. "If you want someone killed, talk to the Blades or the Shadow Hands. In our line of work, we only kill if we're on a job and it's the only way we're going to survive." While this is the official guild policy, some members don't mind more violence than policy dictates, however, if one of these members is caught freelancing without permission, they can soon find themselves in a world of trouble.

Tirin and Drace are still the leaders and are very well respected by everyone who works for them. They treat their members extremely well and even the newcomers find themselves living lavish lifestyles as long as they prove that they are loyal and can be trusted.

Tirin and Drace are often asked if they will ever wed, to which both Tirin and Drace scoff at the idea. While they are both extremely faithful to one another, neither really "see the point" of getting married when they are already happy with their current arrangement. Drace is getting older now but Tirin says it doesn't matter to her because she's already almost 100 years older than him and she simply ignores the fact that, because of the aging difference, he actually appears considerably older than her.

Their guildhouse is currently run out of a face organization; a tavern named The Rusty Dagger in the docks district.