Unexpected Emissaries to Ce'Ara

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Unexpected Emissaries to Ce'Ara
Date 1447
Previous Event 6 months on Ce'Ara
Next Event Into the Temple of the Storms
Campaign D

After almost 6 months on Ce'Ara since Quinn restarted the Storm, a strange ship arrived at the island, bearing on it some strange visitors in the form of Emissaries to Asdol on a mission to gather military aid for the coming battle at White Rush. Investigated the visitors, Tasmia spoke with a pair of Dwarves while Quinn was called below deck to speak with an Areinian officer.

After returning to the deck, Tasmia greeted Magnius as was tradition - by breaking his nose.

Once things settled, the group started towards Quinn's home, catching up to Thane and Alegna at the Mug and Mattress. The latter of which was somewhat surprised to see Magnius, turned invisible and fled.

To Quinn's home. Where she warned the servants that Quinn might be in danger.

After Quinn and Tasmia assured the guards that he was not in any danger, the group arrived at Quinn's home, where Magnius told of his ordeals beyond death and of the impending battle at White Rush. After calling the rest of the emissaries to the meeting, confirming what Magnius said, Quinn was forced to spend some time seeking Alegna's hiding spot at the beach.

Reluctantly, she agreed to return, but disguised as Agwe Maga, convinced that Magnius was a threat.

Ultimately, Quinn and Tasmia said they would consider sending troops, as they still had two days to wait until they could go Into the Temple of the Storms

6 months on Ce'Ara Year 1447
Game D
Into the Temple of the Storms