Veint Stoneforge

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Veint Stoneforge
Titles Unfettered Spear of the Battleworn Heavens
God of War
Worshipers Soldiers, warriors
Domains Strength, Healing
Veint Stoneforge
Veint Stoneforge
Player Ely
Titles Master General
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Class Fighter/Warblade
Appearances Game A, Game C, Game E


As a young dwarf, Veint's father, Luzo Stoneforge, an honorable captain of the guard in D'ulgorn Nassydia, started Veint's training with all kinds of weapons. Veint and Luzo would train for hours a day in hand-to-hand combat. Luzo loved his son very much. He had been noticing that the dark elves had been attacking D'ulgorn Nassydia more often every year and in larger numbers. Luzo was on the front lines of most of these attacks. One day training really picked up. In this training it was more like a duel with dwarven war axes. The winner had to knock the other to the ground. Luzo told Veint in this training that one day soon you will need this training. The duel was close but Veint was the victor. Luzo said, "Son you have proven yourself today. I am very proud of you." This kind of training kept up for years. One night, the dark elves had broken into their house. Veint and Luzo took up their dwarven war axes. There must have been 15 of them. Veint and Luzo killed six of them but Veint's mother was killed. Luzo went mad (crazy)! Luzo charged after them and Veint was right behind him. They were ambushed in the Underdark. Veint barely made it out alive not knowing what had happened to his father. Veint, still young, was taken in by Bran Stoneforge, his uncle. Later Veint took a job as a miner and helped cut out some of D'ulgorn Nassydia's great halls with his own hands. One day, Veint and Bran had found out about the crisis the world was about to fall into with the Seals. Shortly after finding out, D'ulgorn Nassydia had been attacked and overrun. They escaped from D'ulgorn Nassydia as it was burning.

Gornak Fight

Veint was thrown into a dark hole with nothing but the shirt on his back. The air smelled of death and decay. As he walked down the steps into the dark he could hear the guards placing bets on how long they thought he was going to last against the Gornak. The cave walls were rough and sharp. Entering a large room, Veint sprang a trap. Out of nowhere, a huge battering ram covered in spikes came at him with lighting speed! Veint jumped out of the way just in time. Picking himself up off the ground, he slowly walked over to the trap and broke off a spike with his bare hands. Now armed, the ex-captain of Gurdis Hall cracked a huge smile, as he now knew that he would prove those guards wrong about there bets. He search the room for anything that would help him in this fight for his life. The way to the next room what though a narrow passageway. Looking out into this very large room he could see two large red eyes peering at him. Then they were gone! He could hear the Gornak's heavy breathing echoing throughout the cave. Veint walked out into the room slowly. The room was covered with skeletons. The Gornak was running around and Veint could hear him but couldn't see him. Veint knew the Gornak was planning how to kill and eat him at this very second. Out of nowhere the Gornak was on top of him. It was about ten feet tall with scales all over its body. The Gornaks teeth were as sharp as a razors and its claws were the size of a dwarfs hand. The Gornak slashed out at vent with its claws cutting deep into Veint's chest. Veint shocked that this beast was on him so fast, thrusted the spike into the Gornak's chest, pulling the spike out covered in blood. This didn't even seem to phase the Gornak. The Gornak came at him with its claws and a bite. Both attacks missed as Veint dodged the attacks. Veint went on the defense and slowly backed to the narrow passageway. Dogging four more bites and the claws he made it to the narrow passageway. The Gornak was too large to fit into the narrow passageway. As Veint stayed just out of reach, the Gornak's head went in and out of the narrow passage with speed trying to bite and pull Veint out. Veint stabbed the beast in the throat four times. Then, the Gornak fell before Veint's feet. Veint removed the head of the Gornak, then walked back up to where he had been thrown in at. Then, chucked the head of the Gornak up at the guards for proof that it had been slain. The charges were dropped but he was not to return for ten years and was let go.